All this could be somewhat justified by remembering that this is the first case of 16-year-old Enola, who has no previous experience on the field and is out there all by herself. In addition to that, this is Enola’s story, not Sherlock’s – although it’s ultimately inspired by the Great Detective and all his adventures. Enola Holmes is still an entertaining movie and a different perspective of Sherlock Holmes, but it isn’t at the level of the stories of the famous detective.

Here’s the real reason why Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) recruited Spider-Man (Tom Holland) for Team Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War. It’s been several years since Peter Parker’s introduction to the MCU and since then, he has gone through quite a lot. Much of his arc in the franchise has been instigated by his connection with Stark as Marvel Studios really leaned on developing their dynamic after they met. That said, the start of their relationship has inspired debate: specifically on why Spider-Man appears when he does.

The introduction of the Sokovia Accords in Civil War resulted in the Avengers splitting up into two factions — Team Iron Man, who favor signing the deal, believing that they need external oversight (or at least accountability) and Team Captain America who refuse to, arguing that it’s best to have autonomy. Outnumbered and with the pressure from General Thunderbolt Ross (William Hurt) to bring in Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and his team who went rogue, Tony sought the help of young Peter Parker, effectively including him in the conflict.

As seamless as his introduction was, not to mention the nifty entrance at the beginning of the airport battle in Germany, the debut of the MCU’s Spider-Man was somewhat controversial. Some questioned Tony’s decision to recruit a teenager who doesn’t really have any knowledge of what’s happening in his conflict with Steve in Civil War. That said, the genius billionaire may have had a reason that justifies his actions.

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