Drax the Destroyer is a melee warrior, is recklessly brave, and likes to use dual knives in combat. He works well with his fellow Guardians of the Galaxy, but even then, he tends to test his allies’ patience. The problem is that Drax is a bit dense, and he likes to run off after interesting targets and fight them, regardless of the battle plan or his teammates’ needs. Wanda doesn’t want a bodyguard who will get so easily distracted.

Clint Barton is Hawkeye, a man with extraordinary archery skills. He can also perform basic CQC, and can almost fight on Black Widow’s level. But he prefers to fight from a distance, taking cover to fire his arrows without any fear of retaliation. Hawkeye is a great fire support fighter, but he might get preoccupied with his numerous enemies and neglect to watch Wanda’s back. Up close, he can perform martial arts to help protect her, but the MCU offers numerous melee fighters who outstrip him.

Loki is the god of mischief and deception, and he has been a thorn in Thor’s side for quite some time. He isn’t entirely evil, but he does tend to make many enemies and keep people at arm’s length with his tricks and slippery loyalty. Wanda doesn’t want an unreliable partner like that, and she’d find Loki quite irritating and frustrating to work with. Loki also has limited means for protecting Wanda in battle; he’s better off fighting alone as an assassin or infiltrator.

Some fans are concerned that the MCU has reached its peak with «The Infinity Saga» and will only go downhill from here, but with the acquisition of the X-Men, most fans see nothing but a bright future ahead. This list will breakdown key ways that the MCU will only get better with the introduction of mutants and the X-Men.

The concept is simple. The mere introduction of the X-Men and mutants grows the MCU in ways that audiences have yet to see from the franchise, bringing in superpowers on a global scale and altering the landscape for everyone on the planet including the Avengers themselves.

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