Marvel Legacy #1 (2017) brought with it an introduction to the Earth’s first group of Avengers. The Avengers of 1,000,000 B.C. were a group of heroes who, in their own way, have similar powers and abilities of the modern day Avengers; with some of them even being those heroes’ ancient predecessors. One of the most exciting aspects of this Stone Age team was that Odin was their de facto leader a long time before Thor was born. It was Odin’s girlfriend at the time that is of particular interest, though, because she was Phoenix herself. Not much has been explored in terms of her character other than that she was the Phoenix Force’s first human vessel, bore the same trademark hair that later Phoenixes like Jean Grey would have, and wielded massive fiery and psionic powers.

Other than that; her real name, backstory, how she came to be one with the Phoenix Force, and what happened to her later on still remain a mystery. It’s been three years since her character’s introduction, and although the Phoenix Force as a character has decades’ worth of content, the information surrounding the first Phoenix is scarce. Finally it’s time for readers to get some answers and learn more about the mysteries surrounding her.

With Jason Aaron’s writing returning to this timeline to bring readers a fresh story, in tandem with Dale Keown’s art, December will bring a new issue centering around the Phoenix’s prologue. And going off the cover from Inhyuk Lee, it seems like fans are in for a vivid new visual telling of both Lady Phoenix and the world of One Million B.C.E. From the December solicitation preview of Avengers #39, readers look like they are in for a rather dark story, one with repercussions for many Marvel stories we have come to know. From the ashes, a bond was born… a legend clad in fiery, red hair which would send ripples through all of human history. Check out the solicitation details below.

The really fun thing about doing gender swapped versions of a character’s costume for a cosplay is that there are so many unique ways to do it. In the case of taking a male character’s costume and making it more traditionally feminine, there are a lot of different directions that a cosplayer could go in: giving the look a skirt, adding a pair of heels, or doing a more feminine silhouette for the classic costume.

As one of the most iconic characters in comic book history, Catwoman has found herself adapted for live-action on numerous occasions. From Julie Newmar in Adam West’s cult classic TV show to Zoe Kravitz’s turn in The Batman, Michelle Pfeiffer’s legendary performance in Batman Returns to Anne Hathaway’s more muted approach in The Dark Knight Rises, and Camren Bicondova’s youthful Selina Kyle in Gotham, each actress has managed to put their own stamp on the feline anti-heroine.

However, no matter how many people play the role from now until the end of time, something would have to go spectacularly wrong for the end result to be worse than what Halle Berry brought to the table as Patience Phillips in 2004’s Catwoman, which is without a doubt one of the worst comic book movies ever made.

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