The Avengers Vs. X-Men storyline is an action-packed and emotional thrill ride that features some epic moments and major confrontations.

Revolving around the Avengers attempting to quarantine the next host of the Phoenix Force to avoid the loss of innocent life and the X-Men pushing back against them to protect their own, this comic could be the perfect source material for the next major MCU event. Crossing over these two major franchises will only lead to goods things for the MCU.

There are many famous X-Men characters who either haven’t been introduced yet in the movies or who have been but didn’t really get their chance to make an impact, like Gambit or Kitty Pryde.

Properly utilizing a character like Storm as an extremely powerful, Black, female mutant with ties to Wakanda would not only be a timely choice, but it also serves to advance the elements of the MCU that are already there and make the sum of its parts stronger.

The Dark Phoenix Saga is one of if not the best X-Men story of all time. Fox failed not once, but twice when attempting to adapt this famous comic run for their films.

With both of the films bombing with fans and critics alike, Marvel has a rare opportunity to do this story justice and further showcase themselves as the gold standard when it comes to superhero content. The Dark Phoenix Saga has the potential to be its own 22-movie storyline just like «The Infinity Saga.»

Although diehard fans of the X-Men know of the comic’s origins in race relations and social injustices, for general audiences, this isn’t common knowledge.

Like what they did with Black Panther, the MCU has the chance to use their superhero films to comment on society on a massive scale by using the plight of mutants to bring to light the hate and discrimination that oppressed groups experience every day of their lives. This will require Marvel to step away from their more comedic and light-hearted filmmaking approach, but many fans would welcome this change.

The December schedule for Marvel Comics has arrived, and brought some big news for Taskmaster with it. Not only will the highly skilled mercenary be making his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in November’s Black Widow, but he’s also getting his own comic series… in which he will be trying to hunt down and kill Agent Phil Coulson.

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