The title of the new movie «Tenet» is a palindrome… a word that reads the same backward and it does forward. The film’s star, John David Washington, offered a couple of nuggets to help moviegoers maneuver their way through this complicated movie.

«Don’t try to understand it. ‘Feel it’ is a nugget. And I think you have to start- think about the title, ‘Tenet,’ a palindrome. So think about that as far as the story flows,» said Washington. «So when it begins and then how it ends, think about how that relates to what a palindrome means.»

«Tenet» involves international espionage, a plan to stop World War III and a mission unfolding in something beyond real time. It weaves an intricate story.

«It’s a great form of escapism. You’re going to be mesmerized. You’re going to be wowed. You’re gonna miss traveling,» said Washington. «You’ll have a desire to want to visit some of these places like Mumbai or the waters of Denmark where’s there’s wind farms on them. I think there’s just a wide range of wonder and spectacle that you want in a film. For two and a half hours, I guarantee you that you will not be thinking about your bills. You won’t be thinking about, you know, COVID. You won’t be thinking about anything but what you’re experiencing.»

Shortly after revealing that his hotly anticipated single «Franchise» featuring Young Thug & M.I.A. would finally be dropping midnight, Travis Scott upped the ante by divulging that a new music video was also due for an unusual rollout tonight.

He took to Twitter to announce that the self-directed music video for «Franchise» would be dropping ahead of the official single release as part of select IMAX screenings of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet.

A known film purist, Nolan praised Travis’ decision to shoot on film and hinted at an especially visual sequence involving sheep. Travis has long exhibited cinematic tendencies and ambitions in his music and it’s likely that the transition into cinema proper will be a flawless one for the rapper.

«Optimized for IMAX theatres, fans will experience ‘Franchise’ with powerful precision sound and the highest quality crystal-clear imagery on the biggest screens,» a statement released by IMAX read. «Only IMAX’s unique theatre geometry will immerse audiences into Travis Scott’s vision with an audio-visual experience unlike any other.»

Christopher Nolan loves to mess with the minds of moviegoers with films like Memento and Inception. He took a break with the WWII film, Dunkirk, but now he’s back at it again with Tenet, a film that deals with time inversion. It stars John David Washington as the Protagonist, who’s on a mission to stop the world from total annihilation. Nolan and his team are to be commended for giving the audience a visual experience, but the lackluster characters and uneven sound-mixing leave a lot to be desired.

Memento dealt with short-term memory loss, Inception had characters entering the mind, and Insomnia had well… insomnia. Tenet focuses on time, but it’s not the usual time travel shenanigans like Back to the Future and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The characters are still messing with time, but you can’t skip it. Once an object or being is inverted, they have to go back in time the same way they went forward. There’s no fast rewind or fast-forward here. But once it reaches a certain point in time, the typical time travel plot commences with the antagonist, Sator, becoming rich thanks to the future.

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