While Wonder Woman is very strong, durable, and fast, she’s often up against foes who are much more powerful than her. However, she makes up for by being one of the best fighters around. Trained from a young age in the arts of combat, Wonder Woman’s fighting skills have served well over the years, making her one of the formidable heroes in the DC Universe.

Wonder Woman’s fighting skill is such that she can hang with Batman without using her superior physical skills and that she’s tutored other Justice Leaguers, like Aquaman, in armed and unarmed combat.

One of the things that makes Thanos such a deadly villain is his dedication to nihilism, the belief that nothing in the universe matters. Thanos has taken this belief to the Nth degree, committing himself to reduce the universe to what he sees as a perfect state- an empty place where nothingness reigns supreme.

Thanos has taken his nihilism so far that he’s even fallen in love with Death herself, the ultimate expression of his twisted belief system. Many people scoff at this character trait, labeling it ridiculous but it actually makes perfect sense for a nihilist like Thanos, more so than his MCU character motivations which newer fans think is better even though it’s kind of nonsensical.

Like many women, Wonder Woman knows how to accessorize but her accessories of choice aren’t exactly fashionable. Her training means that Wonder Woman is proficient in the use of many weapons and in her line of work. Fighting the greatest threats in the universe, accessorizing means carrying the best weapons around.

Wonder Woman always tries to have a sword and shield handy but her best weapon is her oldest- The Lasso of Truth. This unbreakable lasso compels anyone who touches it to tell the truth and is extremely versatile, able to be used for offense and defense. This is a perfect weapon for a Themysciran princess devoted to peace. It can restrain even the strongest foe and be used for an attack as a last resort.




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