The series stars Jared Padalecki as Cordell Walker, “a widower and father of two with his own moral code who returns home to Austin after being undercover for two years, only to discover there’s harder work to be done at home,” per the official synopsis. “He’ll attempt to reconnect with his children, navigate clashes with his family and find unexpected common ground with his new partner (one of the first women in Texas Rangers history), while growing increasingly suspicious about the circumstances surrounding his wife’s death.”
As previously reported, Keegan Allen (Pretty Little Liars) will portray Walker’s younger brother Liam, a gay conservative who was just promoted to assistant district attorney. Meanwhile, Lindsey Morgan (The 100) is Walker’s new partner Micki, and Coby Bell (The Gifted) is Captain Larry James, the only African American man in the Texas Rangers’ Austin headquarters. Mitch Pileggi — who recurred as Sam and Dean’s maternal grandfather on Supernatural — will take on the role of Walker’s conservative, tough-as-nails father Bonham.

With so many other characters’ stories to tell on Titans, it’s doubtful that season 3 is going to showcase all this Red Hood content. The series’ panel at DC’s virtual FanDome event confirmed that Walters will don the red hood, however, so at least some of the comics lore will clearly make its way to the screen.
Jason Todd’s transformation has to be believable, but it’s anyone’s guess whether it will result from his death and resurrection. He almost perished at Deathstroke’s (Esai Morales) hands, and his death was again hinted at in a vision, this time at the hands of the Riddler. Whether or not Todd will actually meet his demise and rise again is a question only time can answer.
As in the comics, Todd’s handling of the Robin mantle in Titans is fueled by anger and a less merciful sense of justice than Grayson’s. If anything is going to lead to his Red Hood days, it could very well be those personality traits. Because of the mask, Todd often feels like he can do whatever he wants, so what difference would a new mask make?
Implementing the “Outlaws” would have to come after Todd’s development as Red Hood, and though difficult, it’s not impossible. Starfire and Arsenal both exist in the Titans universe (though the latter has thus far only appeared in his civilian identity, Roy Harper), so the original line-up is in play. Bizarro and Artemis would be a little more difficult to introduce, but Superboy and Donna Troy respectively prove that there are Kryptonians and Amazons around.
There’s a lot to do to set up the Red Hood — a lot that may or may not happen. Either way, following in the footsteps of Walters’ comic book research would be a fine time for any Titans fan to pass the time until season 3.

Shadow in the Cloud” takes place in a small hatch of an airplane during World War II, and star Chloe Grace Moretz says she had to overcome her claustrophobia to play the female pilot in Roseanne Liang’s film.
“It was the first thing that I said to Roseanne,” Moretz told Beatrice Verhoeven in TheWrap’s virtual Toronto interview studio. “I said to her, ‘How small is this little ball going to be, because I am severely claustrophobic!’ We were lucky to have a couple panels be taken off, so we lost the front square and when we filmed from the side, we would lose the top of the side square. So because of that, I had fresh air and we constantly had fans, and I had to focus against it. The truth is, Maude might’ve been uncomfortable in that position, too, so feeding into the reality of the anxiety and fear and pushing them into the character.”
“Shadow in the Cloud” stars Moretz as Maude Garrett, a female World War II pilot in an airplane holding on to top-secret documents who encounters an evil presence during the flight. Liang wrote and directed the film that also stars Nick Robinson, Callan Mulvey and Taylor John Smith.

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