The poor performance of Warner Bros.’ blockbuster Tenet has scared most studios into pushing their films as far into 2021 as they can and Black Widow wasn’t the only Marvel film to get pushed back either. Both Eternals and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings were delayed yesterday, along with a handful of other Disney films. However, Black Widow’s delay will likely result in a better fate for the film than rushing it out into theaters before the pandemic is over would have, or if it had just been released straight to Disney+ like Mulan. Hopefully fans will be able to remain patient over the next several months then, as they wait for the day when they can finally turn out to see Harbour squeeze himself into the Red Guardian costume on the big screen.

It’s official: Cedric the Entertainer wants to see the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad, directed by David Ayer, hit theaters in 2016. It follows the adventures of the infamous DC Suicide Squad; a team put together by a government agency headed by Amanda Waller.

However, Ayer’s original vision of Suicide Squad was far from what ended up on the screen. While Ayer had initially pictured a darker, more emotional story, executives at Warner Bros. ended up repackaging the film into something closer to a comedy, even mandating reshoots, so more jokes made it into the final version. The result was a mismatched film with wavering tones, which was so poorly received that Ayer, who had been initially set to direct the sequel, left the project altogether.

Actor and comedian Cedric the Entertainer released a Cameo saying he too wants to see the Ayer Cut. Cameo is a service that allows celebrities to record personalized messages for fans; Cedric the Entertainer’s was uploaded to Twitter and reposted by Ayer. In his Cameo, Cedric addresses HBO Max and AT&T directly, urging them to release the Ayer Cut. Cedric the Entertainer also encourages the studio to bring back Jared Leto as the Joker and start working towards a Joker and Harley Quinn film.

It seems the movement to see the Ayer Cut is picking up steam. Back in July, Ayer urged fans via Twitter to appeal to AT&T and HBO Max for the Ayer Cut, saying it «definitely exists.» That being said, Ayer fans shouldn’t expect the cut to be released anytime soon, even with a strong campaign behind it. While the release of the Snyder Cut is the textbook example of how a director’s vision has been allowed to see the light of day, the grassroots campaign took years before Warner Bros. finally agreed to demands. As such, Ayer Cut enthusiasts are sure to be in for a long, likely years-long fight.

A new set photo from James Cameron’s upcoming Avatar sequel shows humans fighting on Pandora. The verdant planet was initially seen in the first installment of Cameron’s 2009’s blockbuster and will reportedly feature heavily in Avatar 2.

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