Some of the events are also very difficult to stomach, especially how Copperfield is treated by his stepfather and the workers within the winery. There are also some rather disturbing situations that are not easy to watch, making you wonder if it is a comedy at all.

Dickens was one of the first to use what is commonly referred to as an episodic plot. There would be a brief situation or event, and Dickens would leave the reader with that cliffhanger to make them hungry to read the next issue. In fact, “Copperfield” was originally a series of stories that later was combined into a novel, and historians will note that it might very well be a semi-autobiographical tale.

Iannucci gives the various chapters in the film appropriate screen time and ties them up with a pretty bow at the end. His interpretation is fresh, but his biggest obstacle is the fact that many may not have read the original book, which will cause some confusion. Again, Dickens is not for everyone, and this film might befall the same fate.

The talented cast delivers superb performances, the direction is creative, and the story is engaging. The nouveau-riche style is definitely refreshing, just be prepared to have a different experience when learning about a character who might be more real than most people think.

Ben Affleck has long been a filmmaker living in two worlds. Having worked on big blockbuster films like Daredevil and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and plenty of mid-budget dramas, he knows the trials of crafting both. Now, it looks like he has some concerns for movies theaters post-COVID, with many of those worries aimed at the mid-budget movie.

With movie theaters being hurt right now due to current events, many have shared their concerns about the future of theaters. However, Ben Affleck revealed to EW that some of his primary concerns are more specifically about what the future of the mid-budget movie will look like at movie theaters, as he worries that they might all

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